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You won’t find simplistic, cookie-cutter solutions here. Instead, our programs are designed to help you identify the full spectrum of your unique strengths, values and aspirations – and then learn how to leverage them into clearer decision-making… smarter strategies… more rewarding relationships… a stronger connection to your purpose….and more timely and substantial results.


Ultimate Executive Coaching
Your company is successful. You’re recognized as an accomplished executive. But your organization is, perhaps, languishing in a holding pattern or dealing with a growth barrier. If you’re willing to be authentic and vulnerable, and challenge “the way things have always been done,” this private, one-on-one coaching program can provide a fresh outlook and a clear path forward in your field of opportunity.

Mark Sadlek will help you cut through the noise and clutter of your daily life and dissect the most important issues and opportunities facing your organization. More than just a coach and confidant, Mark will serve as your focused, empathetic sounding board and accountability partner, as well as a business insider, armed with a wealth of insights, experiences and knowledge on how you can transform business vision into achievable realities.

Engage Designed For:
Company owners, CEOs and/or Presidents

Companies with $5 million to
$750 million in revenue

Companies with 10 to 1,000 employees
Engage Executive Coaching
Program Duration:

Typically, one 90- to 120-minute
session per month
Engage Your Investment:
Call for a private, complimentary
initial session to determine if
this is right for you

High-Performance Team Development

As a leader, you work hard to identify and establish a core vision. Now it’s time to ensure that it filters throughout your organization. Harvest Your Potential's customized team and goal development program brings individuals from all levels of an organization into the process – from the CEO’s office to the front-line ranks. Here, EVERYONE shares an equal voice in setting goals based on your vision, and achieving aligned, accelerated and measurable results. Meeting once per quarter, the purpose is to develop a shared vision, a 3-year strategic plan and a process for achieving weekly and quarterly goals, with responsibilities aligned and distributed equally and appropriately. Over the course of the program, we will work closely with your company’s leadership to help ensure the creation of a sustainable environment that fuels high-performance at every level of your team. This program offers a 100% guarantee of client satisfaction.

Engage Training Duration:
Typically, one full-day session per quarter.

Engage Your Investment:
Call for a private, complimentary
initial session to determine if
this is right for you

Strategy and Ideation Facilitation
The Strategic Visioning and Planning workshops are designed to bring organizational colleagues together to help remove their blinders, open them up to new ideas and leverage the “brain trust” in the room to create a roadmap for a shared, strategic plan for success. This program typically focuses on strategic and/or creative planning of a 1- to 3-year organizational roadmap that addresses issues the group has identified as opportunities and/or obstacles to success.

Engage Workshop Duration
Typically, a half-day or full-day workshop.

Engage Training Investment:
Call for a private, complimentary initial session to determine if this is right for you.

Peer Advisory Leadership Groups
Peer advisory groups are designed for high-performance business owners and CEOs who want to take their organizations – and their lives – to new levels of success. By sharing with each other their real-world issues, experiences and best practices, participants will shorten the learning curve toward recognizing red flags early on, identifying opportunities and leading their organizations more effectively, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Each group is carefully vetted to ensure a robust, cross-industry spectrum of participants, with no risk of competitive overlap or IP infringement.

Engage Program Commitments:
One half-day advisory board meeting each month.
One 90-minute executive coaching session per month.

Engage Your Investment:
Call for a private, complimentary initial session to determine if this is right for you.

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