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Each and every one of us has natural talents that can be unearthed, nurtured and transformed into catalysts for personal fulfillment and professional, organizational success. And, just as in the world of Nature, when we’re empowered to grow and thrive, the community surrounding us does as well.

At Harvest Your Potential, we live this belief every day, and work to make it a reality for the owners and executives of organizations of every size and description.

Cultivate Your Strengths

You won’t find simplistic, cookie-cutter solutions here. Instead, our programs are designed to help you identify the full spectrum of your unique strengths, values and aspirations – and then learn how to leverage them into clearer decision-making… smarter strategies… more rewarding relationships… a stronger connection to your purpose… and more timely and substantial results.

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Meet Mark Sadlek
Mark Sadlek has a strong history of working with CEOs and business owners, with a primary focus on leadership, coaching and exploring strategies that push boundaries of financial results, employee engagement and goal achievement. His impressive resumé includes serving as:
  • President of Harvest Your Potential, Inc., where he has worked with more than 40 CEOs and company presidents since 2014.
  • CEO Chair at Vistage Worldwide, Inc., the world’s leading chief executive organization.
  • Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing at VerCeram, LLC.
  • Vice President of Business Development and Director of Coaching Services at Republic Title.
  • National Sales Manager at Dryvit Systems, Inc.
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Mark Sadlek

Our Clients Include Organizations and Individuals In:

  • Architecture & Urban Design
  • Construction
  • Data Services
  • Event Planning
  • Financial Services
  • Fin-Tech
  • Franchise Businesses

  • Hospitality & Restaurants
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Medical Practices
  • Oil & Gas
  • Non-Profit

  • Publishing
  • Public Relations
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Social Media
  • Technology & Software
  • Telecommunications
"I’ve been at this work for a long time and have my own well-established behaviors when it comes to interacting with my executive team and the board. Mark has given me some new insights into how I lead and how I can lead more effectively. His coaching has helped me to better engage with the board for a more productive interaction so that I can better advance the mission of our system. I highly recommend Mark’s executive coaching services to anyone whose position requires both 'managing up' with a Board of Directors, as well as managing and leading an executive leadership team that reports to you."

- Dr. Fred Cerise,
CEO, President of Parkland Health & Hospital System
"Mark has provided me with invaluable executive coaching and motivation. As a certified business coach, Mark’s skill set and experience are always evident. Together we tackle the right issues, and he asks the appropriate questions to drive me to realize my full potential. Mark has assembled a great CEO peer group, of which I’m a member. This group provides me with a “board of directors;” that is only interested in my personal and professional success. I rely on the group to challenge me to grow my business, and they are always there for me personally.”

- Gary Laben,
CEO, Research NOW
"Mark is masterful at applying the Socratic method in his executive coaching style - not leading with answers but skillfully gleaning from me the right questions. I am consistently amazed at how he can 'nudge' me to see things in a different context and arrive at a more impactful solution. He has helped me to realize new insights as well as a collective confidence to handle a multitude of key issues in this process, and navigate the difficult, often times 'change resistant' waters of our board."

- Jim Manskey,
CEO, TBG Partners
“Mark has been a very strong executive coach for me and my business. He never ceases to amaze me with the quality of his questions, which in turn gets me to think at a deeper level. Even when I thought I had my plans in place, Mark’s coaching approach has encouraged me to widen my focus and look at all options available. Sometimes it causes me to change my direction, and other times it helps me to re-affirm the decision I have already made. Either way, the coaching relationship has made me a better leader.”

- Peter Treddenick
President, Knight Restoration Services
“Mark is great at digging down to find the root of an issue. He did it in such a way that I was able to discover the best resolution to my specific problems, not him giving a cookie cutter solution as some consultants do. His professionalism is unmatched. During my 4 years working with Mark, he has helped my company almost triple in revenue and is now a well-oiled machine. Mark is great to work with and his lessons that I have learned will stay with me for a lifetime. I highly recommend Mark!”

- Kiet Thai,
General Manager, NPI Technologies
"Mark is a great listener with a passion for helping people make their organizations better. He wants his clients to be the great leaders, teachers and students. He believes in life-long learning and the rewards of giving. He can help anyone achieve great things at work and in their personal life."

- Dan Dickey,
President, Continental Electronics
“Mark is truly more than an executive coach. He is a confidant, an incredible listener and a true advocate for your personal success. I value his guidance and leadership in my Vistage group, and more importantly his trust and insight in my one-on-one sessions. I am proud to call this man my friend.”

- Heather Capps
Founder, President & CEO, HCK2 Partners
"As for Mark, I can’t give enough credit. His method of asking questions truly helps to drill down to the essential core of the issues and helps create a map to navigate towards our goals. His guiding hand has been a key element to my business and personal growth. I can’t give enough praise, and I intend to continue to utilize his help for as long as I can."

- Peter Sandoval
Carpentry Associates
"Mark has led my Vistage group to support me through a transition that has been a once-in-a-lifetime process. Mark is excellent at leading and guiding without forcing a conversation. Even when I have approached our coaching sessions with a plan, he has helped direct me down a path that I didn't intend. I recommend his coaching and Vistage without reservation.”

- Jennifer Grant
CEO, Vincent Enterprises, Inc.
“My experience with Mark over the course of over 4 years was highly beneficial. He is exceptional at helping me to address various issues and goals for the business. Often times as we run our business from day to day, we think we have certain problems. I know I tend to get 'lost in the weeds' as I run day to day operations. Mark is an expert at helping you to look at the issue from different angles and peel back the layers. Often there was a core issue I hadn't completely identified, and Mark was consistent in helping me treat the disease, not the symptom. My business has thrived as a result of the guidance from Mark.”

- Brandon Day,
President, 360 Wealth Planner, LLC
“I started working with Mark in one of the toughest moments in my career. Mark’s ability to guide me toward realistic solutions that worked for me personally and professionally has been humbling. His insightful questions and caring personality make him an excellent partner to work through challenging situations. I attribute several successful courses of action to Mark’s ability to coach me in those difficult moments - he helped me understand more about myself, my business, and my teams. I highly recommend Mark as an executive coach, mentor, and educator.”

- Matt Story,
Engineering & Product Development Manager, Republic Manufacturing
“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mark Sadlek as an exceptional business coach. I have had the opportunity of incorporating his leadership development skills into our company which led to an incredible improvement in the way our teams handle challenges, both personally and professionally. With his coaching, I improved my communication more effectively with our leadership team. I had almost talked myself into retiring when Mark inspired me to make a huge career advancement. With his help, it was the easiest transition ever! I only wish Mark were my business/life skills coach for the first 40 years of my career instead of the last 5 years.”

- Sharon Van Meter,
CEO, SVM Productions, LLC
"Mark Sadlek has completed an outstanding job as a business consultant for the MetroTex Association of REALTORS, Inc. He led in the process of updating our Strategic Plan so we could add to it, define it more clearly and fully integrate accountabilities and timelines. He was extremely well prepared as he led 30 bright, strong willed individuals through a 7 hour session that ended with a revised Strategic Plan that is ready for immediate implementation. The group was a combination of elected board members and senior staff of our organization. Mark was able to establish and maintain a spirit of cooperation and a high level of engagement throughout the day. He has developed methods to lead a group in continually working on the task, avoid dead ends yet stay lighthearted and eager to push through to completion. I have deep confidence in Mark's ability as a consultant and heartily recommend him.”

- Rich Thomas,
CEO, MetroTex Association of REALTORS
“Mark has been an invaluable resource for me offering calm and insightful ideas and suggestions during our executive coaching sessions. His probing question style provokes a deeper level of thought and helps me reach conclusions that I can confidently enact within my organization. He also offers professional leadership in our group meetings, keeping us on point throughout the day and ensuring that we are getting the most out of our Vistage experience.”

- Taylor White
CEO/President, Performance POP
"I recently participated in a strategic planning session where Mark was the facilitator. Mark is a very dynamic speaker, and really engages with the audience. I was very impressed with his organizational skills, keeping focused on the agenda at hand and, most importantly, implementing the planning session. I would highly recommend Mark Sadlek to any organization.”

- Malinda Howell
Broker Manager, Ebby Halliday Realtors
“Mark was instrumental in helping me manage and grow my business. He listened carefully and responded with insightful questions and comments, all with a warm and caring attitude. I can point to several great business decisions and actions over the past 5+ years that I attribute directly to Mark”

- Joe Mecca,
President, KwikBoost
“I engaged Mark in the 2nd half of 2017 for some coaching - I was facing some significant career decisions. Mark really helped me focus in on key aspects of my decision, consistently prodding me to dig a little deeper, think a little harder, and importantly create some actionable steps. We worked remotely via Skype and that was not an impediment at all. With Mark's invaluable help I made some very important decisions.”

- Dave Foster,
Foster & Motley, Inc.
“Mark has been instrumental in my growth as an entrepreneur and business operator. His guidance and advice have not only been timely and appropriate, but also very insightful and revealing about where I needed to reflect and change in order to grow. If you are looking to grow and prosper in your business, Mark will help you get there faster.”

- Aman Singh,
Owner, Kaurina’s
"Our organization hired Mark to lead our annual strategic planning retreat. His pre-planning, and the time spent with me to understand our organization contributed to a highly productive session. He successfully engaged all of the participants, making sure every stakeholder had ownership and a voice in the process. Mark has the expertise and talent to continually challenge, which led us to a much deeper level of creative thinking, measurement and accountability. Through his skillful leadership, we were able to craft a powerful value proposition, and complete a thorough review and revision of our strategic plan. I have been involved as a planner and participant in similar events for over 20 years, and this session with Mark was the most successful and productive I have been a part of.”

- Ginny Haralson,
Assistant Executive Officer, MetroTex Association of Realtors
"Mark captured and maintained the attention of 50 real estate sales agents at a 9:00AM Friday meeting! About 3/4 of the way through the process, I noted that not one single person had a cell phone out nor were they hiding one in their lap or on the table top. Overall, the meeting was a tremendous success, and Mark's genuineness and ability to relate to everyone were two keys to the success. And, finally, Mark's preparation of the meeting room with meaningful quotes, the thought-provoking questions, the PowerPoint presentation and his guidance throughout were simply outstanding!”

- Becky Connatser,
Broker Manager, Dave Perry-Miller and Associates
“Mark provides a very good environment of mutual trust and confidentiality for business executives to share ideas, challenges and insights to hone our skills and learn from each other. I have found him particularly insightful and helpful.”

- Chas Fitzgerald
Co-President, Wilbow Corporation
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